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  • DESRIST 2013 Conference

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    [2012-11-15] DESRIST 2013 Conference: DESRIST 2013 conference will take place in Helsinki, Finland. Please check out the website,, http:/ … more

  • Design Science Research Survey

    [2012-08-10] Design Science Research Survey: Are you an MIS academic conducting Design Science Research? We hope to gather data from the design science community regarding their opinions of … more

  • Amazon Listmania

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    [2012-03-12] Amazon Listmania: Amazon Listmania "Books about Design Science Research in Information Systems and Technology"

    Please visit


  • DESRIST 2012 Website Up

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    [2011-11-10] DESRIST 2012 Website Up: DESRIST 2012 will be held in Las Vegas, hosted by UNLV. Please visit the conference website at 


  • AIS THCI Special Issue on Design Research in HCI

    [2011-08-18] AIS THCI Special Issue on Design Research in HCI: AIS THCI Volume 3 Issues 2 features a special issue on Design Research in Human-Computer Interaction: … more

  • HICSS 2012 mini-track on design science research

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    [2011-05-26] HICSS 2012 mini-track on design science research: 45th Annual Hawaii International Conference on Systems Sciences (HICSS) mini-track "Advances in Design Science Research for … more

  • WITS 2011 CFP

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    [2011-06-12] WITS 2011 CFP: WITS 2011 (21st Workshop on Information Technologies and Systems) in Shanghai this year. The theme this year is "Business Intelligence and Cloud Computing for … more